Logo Design

Following are logos designed and produced by Active Lightning.

By The Sword Logo

A sword has always been a part of this company's logo. This logo fits with the high-quality collectible swords, armor, coins, etc. It is attaractive while calling forward the romantic appeal of knights and castles.

Mark Mender Logo

The laurel leaves suggest "winner." This symbol for the Mark Mender brand projects refinement and class versus the previous bold literal logo.

Digital Senders

This was a challenge to represent a business focused around a product that is possibly new to the user and abstract. The tagline we developed adds to the explanation while communicating ease of use.

Allemon's Logo

This is an updated version of their previous logo.

Egyptian Cotton TShirts Logo

Logo needs to look good embroidered on clothing as well as on the website. A pyramid is a strong symbol for "Egypt." The bands on the left suggest sunlight shining on the face of the pyramid.

Smith Farm Stores Logo

Smith Farm Stores wanted to pursue a strong ecommerce presence for workwear, outerwear, and footwear. In addition to this product focus, they still wanted to be able to sell other products online such as toys, animal health supply products, Holland Grills, United States Stove Company products, and Koenders Windmills. We determined that in addition to their primary logo (used throughout their physical store, signage, and trucks), they would have a related derivative logo that demonstrated their commitment and focus to the workwear, outerwear, and footwear products.

The client's target market includes people who work outside, who have pets and who live on farms. They wanted something that was friendly. They wanted to broaden their image beyond farm-related products while letting people know that their products were built to last. The company identity was described as: professionalism with respect to business management but informal and friendly with respect to customer service. They have an emphasis on relationship and satisfaction. Evidently in Indiana, diamond-plate steel is a common surface associated with ruggedness. So "Smith" is punched out like "Ford-tough" and the diamond-plate steel echoes the ruggedness.

In the second logo, we clothe the arms with a Carhartt jacket. The green accents in the gloves infer the green of outdoors.

Stoughton-Lumber Logo

Their company identity was described to us as:

  • a store that does business the old-fashioned way with great service
  • carrying quality products they stand behind
  • special-order desk to help purchase specialty products with next-day delivery
  • a one-stop place to shop for products and services to do a building project

Case Study

Logo Development Process for Stoughton Lumber

The process for developing the logo for Stoughton Lumber started with a meeting to capture aesthetic and business values from the owner who we worked with on the project, Jim Gerber. The designer on the project was Baker Galloway. So, Jim, Baker, and Sally, met via phone. Out of discussions between Sally and Baker, Baker developed sketches for 3 logo designs. Jim approved the direction, so black and white images were drawn digitally and posted to a webpage where Jim could view them.

Click here to see the logo options in black and white

Jim picked this one:

Then Baker developed color options.

Click here to see the color options for Stoughton logo design

From this, Jim chose this one:

The logo has been very well received and features prominently in the Stoughton Lumber website.

Cox Hardware and Lumber Logo

Active Lightning upgraded an existing logo. We like the fact that the gray border and letters abstractly refer to metal hardware; the woodgrain fill for the Texas shape refers to lumber. This logo is a redesign of an original idea conceived by the owner. It conveys Texas pride, western sentiment, while being professional.